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Wilmslow Town Fixtures
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TeamL/C/FK0 Opponent (click for website)VenueStatusLocation (click for map/directions)
Saturday 30 October
U11 CougarsLeague11:00vsSale UnitedAOKAshton on Mersey High School (M33 5BP)
U11 LionsLeague11:00vsHale United AjaxHOK
U10 CougarsLeague09:30vsSale UnitedHOK
U10 JaguarsLeague11:15vsAlderley UnitedAOKAll Hallows School (SK11 8LB)
U10 LionsLeague11:00vsSale UnitedAOKAshton on Mersey High School (M33 5BP)
U10 PanthersLeague11:00vsUnicorn AthleticAOKBeech Fields (WA15 6DY)
U9 CougarsLeague09:30vsWilmslow SportsAOKCarnival Fields (SK9 5NQ)
U9 JaguarsLeague09:30vsLongford ParkHOK
U9 PanthersLeague09:30vsFC Sporting SaleAOKSale Sports Club (Clarendon Crescent) (M33 2DE)
Sunday 31 October
U18 PanthersLeague14:00vsBrooklands DragonsHOK
U17 TigersLeague14:00vsEgertonHOK
U16 CougarsLeague10:00vsAshton on Mersey TitansHOK
U16 JaguarsLeague10:00vsAltrincham FC Junior YellowsAOK
U16 PanthersLeague14:00vsWythenshawe Amateurs PanthersHOK
U15 TigersLeague12:00vsFC Sporting Sale LionsHCancelled
U14 JaguarsLeague10:00vsWythenshawe Amateurs LeopardsHOK
U14 LeopardsLeague10:00vsSale Communities TitansAOKSale High School (M33 3JR)
U13 JaguarsLeague10:00vsBrooklands DragonsHOK
U12 JaguarsLeague10:00vsBroadheath CentralAOKAltrincham Grammar School (WA14 2RS)
U12 PanthersLeague12:00vsIrlam SteelAOKIrlam Steel Club ( M44 6AJ)
U12 TigersLeague09:30vsAlderley UnitedHOK
Sunday 7 November
U18 PanthersLeague14:00vsTimperley VillaAOKBeech Avenue PF (WA15 6DY)
U17 CougarsLeague14:00vsSale UnitedHOK
U17 JaguarsLeague14:00vsWest Didsbury & ChorltonHOK
U17 TigersLeague12:00vsTimperley FCAOKBrooklands Primary School (M33 3SY)
U16 CougarsLeague14:00vsBroadheath Central DaytonaHOK
U16 JaguarsLeague14:00vsWilmslow Town PanthersHOK
U16 LionsLeague10:00vsSt JohnsAOKTurn Moss (M32 8QD)
U16 PanthersLeague14:00vsWilmslow Town JaguarsAOK
U15 PanthersLeague12:00vsAshton on Mersey SpartansHOK
U15 TigersLeague14:00vsWoodhouse ParkAOK
U14 JaguarsLeague10:00vsWilmslow Town LeopardsAOK
U14 LeopardsLeague10:00vsWilmslow Town JaguarsHOK
U14 TigersLeague12:00vsWythenshawe Amateurs PumasHOK
U13 JaguarsLeague10:00vsSale UnitedAOKAshton on Mersey High School (M33 5BP)
U13 TigersLeague10:00vsHale UnitedAOKBowdon Church School (WA14 3EX)
U12 TigersLeague11:00vsMersey ValleyAOKMersey Valley Sports Club (M33 5SL)
Sunday 14 November
U18 PanthersLeague14:00vsAFC MontonHOK
U17 CougarsLeague14:00vsBroadheath CentralAOKAltrincham Grammar School (WA14 2RS)
U17 JaguarsLeague12:00vsUnicorn AthleticAOKBeech Fields (WA15 6DY)
U17 TigersLeague14:00vsAFC Urmston MeadowsideHOK
U16 CougarsLeague12:00vsAshton on Mersey TitansAOKWeathercock Farm (M33 5EL)
U16 JaguarsLeague12:00vsBrooklands Dragons NapoliAOKSale Moor CC (M33 2PB)
U16 LionsLeague14:00vsWest Didsbury & Chorlton MagpiesHOK
U16 PanthersLeague14:00vsCheadle & Gatley Junior HurricanesHOK
U15 PanthersLeague10:00vsFlixton Juniors SharksAOKWellacre Tech College (M41 6AP)
U15 TigersLeague12:00vsWilmslow Sports ColtsHOK
U14 JaguarsLeague10:00vsTytherington JuniorsHOK
U14 LeopardsLeague10:00vsSouth Manchester SportsAOKBradshaw Hall Playing Fields (SK8 6SX)
U14 TigersLeague10:00vsAshton on Mersey TornadoesAOKDainewell Park (M33 5RN)
U13 JaguarsLeague10:00vsFlixton JuniorsHOK
U12 JaguarsLeague10:00vsUrmston TownAOK
U12 PanthersLeague11:00vsAFC Urmston MeadowsideHOK
Sunday 21 November
U18 PanthersLeague10:00vsIrlam SteelAOKIrlam Steel Club ( M44 6AJ)
U17 CougarsLeague14:00vsBrooklands DragonsHOK
U17 JaguarsLeague14:00vsWoodhouse ParkHOK
U17 TigersLeague10:00vsAshton on MerseyAOK
U16 CougarsLeague14:00vsTimperley Villa LionsHOK
U16 JaguarsLeague14:00vsEgerton TattonHOK
U16 LionsLeague12:00vsMersey ValleyAOKMersey Valley Sports Club (M33 5SL)
U16 PanthersLeague10:00vsAltrincham FC Junior YellowsAOK
U15 PanthersLeague12:00vsTimperley FC SapphiresHOK
U15 TigersLeague10:00vsSale United DemonsAOKCrossford Bridge Sports Ground (M33 7WR)
U14 JaguarsLeague10:00vsSale Communities TitansAOKSale High School (M33 3JR)
U14 LeopardsLeague10:00vsAFC Urmston Meadowside SantosHOK
U14 TigersLeague12:00vsAFC Urmston Meadowside LazioHOK
U13 JaguarsLeague12:00vsWest Didsbury & ChorltonAOKChorlton Park Playing Fields (M21 7FZ )
U13 TigersLeague12:00vsHale UnitedHOK
U12 JaguarsLeague10:00vsBrooklands DragonsHOK
U12 PanthersLeague10:00vsEgertonAOK
Sunday 28 November
U17 CougarsLeague12:00vsTimperley VillaAOKBeech Avenue PF (WA15 6DY)
U17 JaguarsLeague14:00vsWilmslow SportsAOKCarnival Fields (SK9 5NQ)
U17 TigersLeague14:00vsSale UnitedHOK
U16 CougarsLeague10:00vsWest Didsbury & Chorlton BadgersAOKHardy Farm (M21 7DP)
U16 JaguarsLeague10:00vsWythenshawe AmateursAOKWythenshawe Sports Ground ( M23 0BD)
U16 LionsLeague14:00vsCheadle & Gatley Junior CyclonesHOK
U15 TigersLeague10:00vsSt JohnsAOKTurn Moss (M32 8QD)
U14 JaguarsLeague10:00vsAltrincham FC Junior TitansHOK
U14 LeopardsLeague10:00vsWythenshawe Amateurs LeopardsAOKManchester Health Academy (M23 9BP)
U14 TigersLeague10:00vsAFC Urmston Meadowside RomaAOK
U13 JaguarsLeague12:00vsLymm RoversAOK
U13 TigersLeague12:00vsOld StretfordiansHOK
U12 JaguarsLeague10:00vsTimperley VillaHOK
U12 PanthersLeague11:00vsManchester JuniorsHOK
U12 TigersLeague10:00vsMobberleyAOKIlford Playing Fields (WA16 7QB)

85 fixture(s) listed.

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